The Allstar A-mount system is a universal lens mount system for your large sensor camera. The Allstar A-Mount can be used on many different camera makes, models and with different lenses, apparently without back focus issues. The A-Mount universal lens mount system is made of thick stainless steel, and is very strong and accurate. It looks tuff too.

Check out the Allstar A-mount universal mount system introduction video:

Allstar mount base:
Sony FZ Mount Base $280 USD
AF100 4/3 Mount Base $200 USD
DSMC Mount Base $180 USD
Sony E Mount Base $200 USD
Arri Alexa Mount Base $150 USD

Allstar lens adapters come in two flavours: Cine and Stills:

Cine lens adapter are required to mount on A-mount first and then put on lens, so you just need one adapter for your lens set.
Still camera lens adapter are required to mount on lens. You can use one adapter and change between lenses.

Cine lens adapter:
PL-adapter $290 USD
OCT19-adapter $310 USD
BNCR-adapter $310 USD
Hasselblad to PL adapter $360 USD

Stills lens adapter:
Nikon F-Adapter $180
Nikon G-Adapter $210
M42-Adapter $130
Leica R adapter $190
Contax C/Y adapter $180

New Allstar A-Mount mount base and adapters are in development. Check with Allstar on what A-Mount best suits your needs.

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