One of the quickest teasers you will ever see came from Balint Seres stating that there will a new remote unit available for the Arri Alexa cameras.
This is all we have at this stage.


Remote Controller for Alexa cameras

-network cable and radio* control
-change/set and store 10 profiles for FPS, EI, WB** and Shutter
-check all information on your own screen
-start/stop camera
-switch 2K/HD
-toggle SxS 1 and 2
-turn Highspeed on/off
-set LutRecOut
-turn REC OUT fps sets on/off
-intervalometer – control your own rig from the remote unit
-calibrate motors and change iris direction on the AlexaPlus/Studio cameras
-store up to 10 camera IP address in remote unit
-easy firmware update via network cable
-uses any Sony NP type or aftermarket 7.2V camcorder battery
-SUP 7 tested
-unlimited free firmware upgrades


Ideal for

-crane operation
-remote head
-aerial shoots
-car trailer shoots
-confined space
-underwater/spalsh housing

*radio module for camera sold separately and will be available in Q1 of 2013
** due to a bug in Sup 6.11 and 7.0 beta WB change is not working from the web interface.
Works fine in SUP 7 release.

For more on the Alexa remote visit Alexaremote.

We are showing the RCU-40 for illustrative purposes here.

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