Aladdin Flexlite from the makers of that tiny Eye Lite Mini Led.

Can’t give you much more than the translated write up, as their website is password locked at time of writing. But the practical Aladdin Flexlite is a small compact flat bendable series of waterproof LED strips about the size of a 1X1.

Looks interesting enough.

Aladdin Flexlite Waterproof

Aladdin Flexlite LED

Aladdin Flexlite LED Panel

Aladdin Flexlite

the Aladdin Flexlite
it is the first flexible panel with very high CRI Leds either 3200K or 5600K.
These panels are very flat and compact and find a space in every existing light set.
Flexlite offers various fixations.

On each of the four corners is a Velcro tab so that it can be fixed everywhere with Velcro, there also exists a stand adapter as well as a magnet holder.
It works with an ac/dc adapter with automatic voltage from 90 to 260V.

As additional accessories you can get Dtab adapter as well a cigarette lighter cable.
The Flexlite is very flexible and can be used everywhere.
Thanks to its small dimensions and weight you can save a lot of space, what is an important point for people who travel a lot.

For more: Aladdin Lights.

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