We have been away on a project and out of contact for the last five days… We pretty well missed the the ARRI 65 camera. Did a quick post on Facebook only. Hey it’s a made for hire only unit, so we only missed the excitement. In other news we need to thank one of our friends on Facebook Kurtz Kevin for picking up that Aladdin have the A Lite. Read all about the waterproof bendable Flexlite LED light we covered HERE.

The Aladdin A lite is a high CRI dimmable bi-colour on camera LED light. And it’s ultra thin.

Aladdin A lite

The light quality of the Aladdin A lite is outstanding with a CRI and TLCI over 90< either in tungsten or daylight. The A lite comes with an integrated battery with a runtime of 1-2 hours and can be charged over the micro USB . Enabling you to charge the A light from any USB charger, laptop or battery with a USB Plug. Aladdin A lite LED light

The A lite is the slimmest and very light weight on board light on the market and the housing is made from aircraft aluminum.
The light comes with a standard ¼ thread to mount it on any on board adapter.
A plastic diffuser is included with the light, it makes the light softer and more comfortable to look into it.
The A lite is adjustable from tungsten to daylight and completely dimmable from 5-100%.

Aladdin A lite back

Aladdin A lite Diffuser

In the box:
1x A lite
1x Diffusion filter
1x USB cable

A Lite Features:

Light Source: Super high CRI Power LED’s (8W)
Beam Angle: 140°
CRI: 3000°K= 98RA 5600°K= 95RA
TLCI: 3000°K=98 5600°= 96
photometrics: 3000°K= 240lx@1m 5600°K=260lx@1m
Driver: Flicker-Free by CC driver (efficiency>93%)
Switch: Switch: (ON/OFF)
Dimmer: Dimming: (5% – 100%)
color temperatur control: Color temperature wheel: (3000°K -5600°K)
Battery: 3,7V 2,5A Li-ion battery
Housing material: Aluminium 6061 T6 (Aircraft grade)
Cooling: passive cooling
Dimension: 156 x 80 x 11,5mm
Weight: 205g
Power input: Micro USB 3,6V
Mounting: 1/4 Screw

For more: Aladdin.

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