AKG seem to be making some noise of late. Andy Harris put the AKG C111 head worn microphone to the test and used a Rose pin microphone and a NT2A microphone as a reference point.

Here’s a test of the AKG C111 LP head worn microphone. Its tested here again the Rode Pin Mic and a NT2A for reference. You might want headphones to really pick out the differences!

The C111LP is a stainless steel & lightweight ear hook microphone ideal for presentations and theater applications. Its ultra light construction and design ensures robustness and reliability, while allowing perfect adjustment and fit to any speaker or performer. The inconspicuous and skin colored boom won’t distract from what matters most, the performance.

Weighing an amazingly light 7g, the C111LP is comfortable to wear during even the longest performances. Delivered with a carrying pouch, windscreen and cable clip, it is suitable for all AKG pocket transmitters.

See AKG for more.

Check eBay for the latest prices on the AKG C111LP.

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