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CION Technical Video #1; Exposure Index, Gamma and In-Camera Color Correction Comparison from AJA Marketing on Vimeo.

The CION Technical Video 1 shows in precise detail the Exposure Index, Gamma and In-Camera Color Correction options available with the CION 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD production camera from AJA.

The video is split into two sections; the first shows these comparisons at 5600K and the second section details the same comparisons at 3200K. No grade or color correction has been applied to this 4K footage although some scaling and resizing has been made to create the side-by-side comparison images you see within the video.

The video you see here is a compressed 1080p H.264 version, exported from FCPX and then uploaded to Vimeo.  The original is a 4K 12-bit ProRes 444 master file.

AJA would like to thank, in no particular order, Zacuto, Cooke, Schneider Optics, Zeiss, Mole-Richardson and EZ FX Inc for their support.

CION Technical Notes #1 to accompany this video are available here:

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