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AJA Cion Cinema Camera Test from James Rico on Vimeo. |

This was using some of the guidelines sent to us by AJA for certain situations. This is the first run pulling out of the box and testing it some situations that we typically find ourselves in. The hardest part as of now is color correcting when using "Unity" for the WB. That was a suggest WB when using the "Expanded 1" gamma curve.

First Impressions are the latitude takes a bit of finessing for sure, but that may be trying to find the right gamma setting in camera for the right situation. It's definitely a great image but we just need to understand the camera settings a bit more. So far it doesn't feel like a camera you could pick up and just start shooting with.

The file sizes are huge at Pro Ress 4k 444 at 1 minute being roughly 8gb.

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