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A spontaneous video showing how quickly the Airvionic DreamWalker can be set up. The video shows actor and director Simon Zehentner who grabs the Dream Walker and a Panasonic GH4 and adjusts the camera on the gimbal.

It should be noted that he screwed the camera plate to the camera and then starts the actual adjustment. But even with the installation of the camera, he has managed to make the setup in 98 seconds. As always with Airvionic: No notebook, no app, no tools to make the adjustment. Just as you need it on the set! The subsequent passages through the wild garlic please do not take it too seriously. It is only to show that this is not a fake and all works really well!

The DreamWalker is a professional 3-Axis Gimbal the can handle weights un to 3,5kg and DSLR and productions cameras up to seizes of the Blackmagic Cine and the Canon C100.

Made in Germany by Airvionic

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