One of the “Perceptions” that AirLinc sprout to differentiate their audio recording product is to state “No more cable clutter”…

Why roll your App in glitter? Cables get the job done, and cables have a much better latency rate than AirLinc’s 50-80 ms.

Which means you can’t live sync AirLinc to your camera. Can you say frame drift.

Anyway here is the Airlinc blurb for their recording App.


AirLinc is the only iOS-based system that allows you to remotely monitor and manage your field recordings.

Free Download from the Apple App Store: iTunes.


AirLinc is a wireless mic app that makes recording wireless audio more convenient and affordable than ever.

No more cable clutter to tie you down. Use AirLinc with a lavalier mic and it’s perfect for use as a wearable mic. This gives your talent full mobility while you maintain complete control over your audio.

The AirLinc app enables you to record professional audio on your iPhone or iPod touch while remotely monitoring and managing your recording session on a another iOS device.

+ Live remote monitoring means less surprises / retakes.
+ No more fumbling around with checking audio integrity from the device hooked up to the on screen talent.
+ No more worrying about wireless signal interference. Your audio files are safely recorded onto your transmitter device and can be synced to your receiver device after your connection is restored. Dropped connections will reconnect automatically once back in range.

Connect two iOS devices running AirLinc via infrastructure WiFi or Personal Hotspot and enjoy live audio monitoring and management with up to 350 meters range*.

Easily manage your recording device with with the following AirLinc features:

+ Remote live sound monitoring
+ Remote start & stop control
+ Remote gain adjustment
+ Remote battery & storage monitoring
+ Remote file sync and playback

Using AirLinc saves you time by streamlining the management and monitoring of your audio recordings. No more annoying retakes because of configuration errors, monitor and manage your recordings with ease to get it right the first time, every time.

*350 meters is the max stable range tested while monitoring audio on personal hotspot. Individual range results will vary anywhere from 10 meters up to 350 meters depending on hardware and environmental variables.

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