Q: What do you get when you throw aviation experts, entrepreneurs, programmers, developers, and extreme sports fanatics into a box, and shake it up?

A: AirDog quadcopter… and it is claimed to be the world’s first auto-follow action sports drone. Oh yes that’s right… HEXO+ is also like that too.


The two cap in hand videos are almost the same… Maybe they should roll the two together.

The AirDog’s design has the following features:AirDog Kickstarter page.



Deciding how you want your aerial camera to frame your shot is ridiculously intuitive. A 3D model of your camera’s point of view on your phone lets you pinch to set the distance between your subject and your drone, slide laterally for panning and vertically for height. All you need is your smartphone plus three intuitive gestures and you’re set.

HEXO+ Key Features:

Easy to use: set the framing on your smartphone and lock your target, the drone does the rest; from auto take-off to auto landing.
Smart and autonomous: no remote control necessary; HEXO+ automatically follows your movements to maintain the framing you defined.
Designed for action: lightweight, foldable frame and legs, removable propellers and gimbal to fit in a backpack.
Extra fast flight: up to 70 km/h – 45 mph top speed to track even the fastest subject. Wind tunnel tested for improved aerodynamics.
Extra stable: hexacopter design and 2D brushless gimbal to ensure vibration-free, smooth filming.
Safe: Fail-safe software features and six propellers mean a safe landing in case of a problem.
GoPro compatible mount: built for the best action camera out there.

See more at HEXO+.

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