Not a bad little effort at getting a 3-axis POV rig by sticking a GoPro on a face mask.

Check out the test shots from the prototype Adventure Mask in action.

Who is behind the mask you ask?

Well remember that band Biting Elbows who had that massive POV non stop action music video that blew up the internet with over 32 Million hits. Well Сергей Валяев from Russia was in on that.

So he has form…

Before you see the 3-axis face mask video here is the standard Adventure mask and a glimpse at that prototype.

Adventure Mask

Adventure Mask Prototype 3axis gimbal test

Google translation of Сергей Валяев: I changed the lens in Goupro , put on a little stub zatestit at home. It remains to configure the controller for a lens , to completely remove the vibration .

See Adventure Mask for more information.

Bonus POV video from Biting Elbows:

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