At the Adobe MAX 2011 convention where designers and developers set the course for the future of digital experiences some really interesting sneak peeks into what we will soon see hopefully on software like Photoshop and Premiere were demoed. Adobe are currently working on a deblurring add on they call Blur Kernelling for fixing blurry images in post on Photoshop, and check out Rubadubb for fixing audio issues with your very own ADR add on in Premiere. Or maybe you will like to see the add on that will Auto Sync Crowd Sourced Videos. Stick around for the end video though and see some pretty amazing video zooming.

Thanks to petererlst for the Blur Kernelling video:

Thanks to cncevik for the Rubadubb video:

Thanks to cncevikfor the video on Auto Sync Crowd Sourced Videos

Thanks to cncevik for the video on Video Meshing

See Adobe for more on MAX.

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