Surfaced Studio explains the difference between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects and when to use one over the other, with the aid of a lawn mower.


Adobe Premiere Pro is for video editing.
It is great for organising a large amount of recorded video and audio material, picking selected pieces out and arranging them sequentially. It is ideal for editing a film project from start to finish.

– Not good for complex visual effects
– Can place multiple videos into the same video track
– Easy transitions between consecutive clips
– Reference monitors and scopes, great for colour correction and colour grading
– Plays back audio by default


Adobe After Effects is for video compositing.
It is great for layering numerous layers of visual material on top of each other and, using tools like masks, blending, mattes, merge them all together into a single, composited shot. It is ideal for adding complex visual effects to individual shots.

– Advanced tools for compositing, particles, 3D integration, track mattes and more
– Cannot add more than one video into the same video track
– Not good for editing large video projects
– Does not play back audio by default

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