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Add a Powered Zoom to your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with the PowerLynx Kit from Fotodiox

Want to add a powered zoom lens to your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera? Now you can with the B4 Magic Lens Adapter and PowerLynx Kit from Fotodiox!

To date, connecting powered zoom lenses to modern cameras has been more trouble than it’s worth, but the PowerLynx Kit makes it easy and affordable. What’s more, you’ll be able to combine the smooth, cinematic effects of B4 ENG lenses with the amazing power of your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Just check out this video to learn more about B4 lenses, how they work, and how the PowerLynx Kit and its star component, the B4 Magic Lens Adapter, can help you to eliminate vignetting, zoom in on fast-changing action, or heighten drama with a smooth, slow creeping zoom.

To order your B4 Magic or PowerLynx Kit:

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