ActionProducts Runner is billed as the worlds first vertical stabilization and weight support system that allows you the use of any gimbal stabilizer on the market. With the Runner your hands.

ActionProducts RUNNER - Gimbal Stabilization

The Runner attaches to your body and arms in a way that leaves the body’s full range of motion intact, while assisting in holding the weight of the rig and adding vertical stabilization to the shot. This support system aids the camera operator in completing longer shots with less fatigue. Additionally, the added support will allow the operator to focus more on aspects of posture, framing, speed modulation, proximity awareness and spend less concentration on managing the weight burden of the gimbal. This system also allows for a wide boom range and the ability to quickly hand off the gimbal unlike other vertical stabilizing systems that require for the rig to be tethered or locked into place.

ActionProducts RUNNER - Gimbal Stabilization back

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