Introducing the modular solution for the EPIC from ActionProducts. This modular system allows operators to add and remove modules using quick release technology to quickly alter functionality on the fly based on their needs. The current modules include the Basic Module “Proteus,” Power Module “Electra,” and Battery Module.


Its main functionality is to provide the modular line up with quick release functionality. The Proteus will run power to the camera while allowing operators to power their REDMOTE through a 5V connector (optional cable to Mini USB and other connectors). There is also an easy access 3.5mm headphone jack on the top, followed by an additional LEMO connector on the bottom that provides 12V power or (optional) a remote adapter to trigger on/off of the camera (“Schmitt” interface). Quick release power solution

5V(internal down conversion from 12V to 5V)
12V power out (or option for remote camera on/off)
Mount Battery Module directly or though Power Module “Electra”
Cheese-plate in production


TopPlate Module “Apollo”: Its the ultimate tool for efficiency. With numerous mounting options, it provides both power and video distribution. This allows for easy rigging for all camera accessories and considers all sizes of production with its video I/O. The EPIC TopPlate “Apollo” comes with 3 cables, making it ready to go right out of the box. This plate utilizes a power D-TAP cable, HDSDI BNC cable, and a 4 pin LEMO cable. This allows for the unit to work standalone, or along side our Basic Module “Proteus”.

If used with the “Proteus”, you would just distribute the 3 cords accordingly…

3 pin Lemo plugged into the “Proteus”
HD-SDI BNC ran through the “Proteus” connecting into HDSDI port on the EPIC
4 pin Lemo ran through the “Proteus” connecting in the SYNC port on the EPIC



Power Module “Electra”: Its main functionality is to provide a professional power distribution and functionality. The module offers several 12V accessory connections (2x D-Tap (one on the battery plate), 2x LEMO) and a down-converted 24V accessory connection (3pin Fischer RS). Further two external camera power connectors (both in/out power) – these are 1x 4pin XLR and 1x 6pin LEMO (REDone standard). The Electra has a built in puffer battery that can power the camera AND accessories for up to 4 minutes. Allowing hot swap functionality wile the camera (and accessories) keep running. The puffer battery can be manually triggered and automatically switches back to the new battery. It also recharges automatically when a new battery is mounted. The main power button provides “system off” function and switching to the puffer battery.

12V Power for the Camera (though basic module Proteus)
2x 12V D-Tap out Accessories (one D-Tap on the battery plate)
2x12V out (2 or 4 pin Lemo) Accessories
1x 24V (regulated Fisher 3 pin) out Accessories
24V/3 amp, 12v – all together 3 amp
1x in/out 12V camera power 4pin XLR
1x in/out 12V camera power 6pin LEMO (REDone) connector with Bat information
Puffer Battery (can power Camera and Accessories up to 4 min.)
LED shows when Battery power is low and the operator needs to switch to the puffer-battery
LED shows when puffer Battery is on or when it is charging.
Can connect a battery mount directly to Electra (hardwired V-Mount or AB – or add an Adapter module and then the Battery module (for quick swapping – V-Mount and AB mount available – other to come …).


Its main functionality is to provide the modular line up with V-mount and Anton / Bauer battery mounting options (others to come …). This makes operator’s setups flexible to mount to the “Electra or Proteus.” They connect without cable directly through the module connectors. The Battery module (and actually also the electra) can be disconnected from the basic from the other modules and reconnected over cables of different lengths. This allows external mounting for counter-weight etc. There will be several mounting options available – 15mm and 19mm rod mounts (with swivel), swivel for the razor shoulder-mount etc.

Can mount to either the “Electra” or “Proteus”
Available with V-Mount or Anton / Bauer (others to come …)
External mounting options

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