ActionProducts drop the ActionCam Raptor stabilizing system for lightweight camera systems.

ActionCam Raptor

After three years of research and development, the Raptor is now publicly available exclusively through Innocinema.

Manufactured in Switzerland – ActionProducts can guarantee the highest quality standards. All parts are made from 7075 aerospace aluminum and lightweight carbon fiber. The arm has an 8-38 pound weight capacity range and the bare sled weighs in at 3.8 pounds! ActionProducts offers a backmounted vest design for operator comfort over long periods of time. The ActionCam Raptor was designed by an operator for operators and offers some unique functions you won’t find on other systems on the market.

The Raptor Series challenges camera stabilization in a new approach featuring the same modular stabilizer concept as introduced and developed for the ActionCam Rebel Series. You can start off with any of our packages and update seamlessly to any package or configuration you need. ActionCam is the only system that lets you grow with your skills and budget. This is our professional lightweight rig based on the approved engineering of the Rebel series but designed for today’s lighter digital cinema cameras.

The ActionCam Raptor comes is a few modular flavours so hit Innocinema up to work out what system suits you best.

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