Over on REDUser they were lucky to see a sneak peak of a new Titan Lite camera rig from Fredrik Callinggard. Here is a rip from the post and please make the effort to check out the original forum entry on REDUser to keep updated on the Titan Rig. All images are Fredrik’s.
This is the “lite” version, which has the exact same features as our Pro version except for that it doesn’t contain the quick release system on the arms. This system has rosette connections (it’s for people who feel they don’t need the quick release on the rosette’s).


As said this is designed to be extremely low profile, yet packed with more features then needed…. then thought possible :). Yes this is renders. Real life systems are ready in a few weeks. We will start to take orders, very soon (to understand the demand), but only payment once it’s shipping (we don’t want to make the same mistake as others has before). Prices are yet to be announced, but this is a complete system and will be in the same bracket as similar systems out there, such as the clutch system. It is standardised and certain things can be used together with already bought systems, but not everything will be 100% compatible.


The system is very low profile and more IMPORTANTLY…. absolutely tool less. No tools needed to get into different configurations. The renders shows the system with a quick release plate with a 19mm rod bracket attached (assault plate style) in the front and a back bracket with rosette connections. Their will a back rod bracket solution as well (both 19mm and 15mm)- illustrations of that, coming up. The quick release plate and the brackets IS THE DOVETAIL system and it’s cam levered locked – no screwing to lock it. This makes it very light weight and completely integrated with the dovetail standard – so off the tripod and on with handheld in no time.


Our quick release platform that you attach underneath to the quick plate has been significantly shaved off in size and height – see in pic 2 how the shoulder pad more or less actually curves into the rod system, making the camera system literally rest on your shoulder – no real elevation. THAT MAKES IT SO the lens is directly in the eye line – YET IT STILL PACKS a shoulder adjustment solution – both ways with 5 degrees – A TOTAL of +-10 degrees. Even more – it also allows for ADJUSTMENT slide front to back – so you can balance the camera forwards and backwards on the shoulder. All adjustments needed for a perfect camera balance.

The whole front handle bar system is designed to “slide into” and lock with the rod bracket – so quickly just attach to have that up and running.


The back arm system is designed (not showed in this pics) to let the quick release platform with shoulder pad attach in not time – so you can if desired have the shoulder pad behind the camera in any height desired. The rod bracket system allows for balancing with battery platforms. AGAIN – here’s room for adjustment forward and backwards (if desired) and the +-10 degree shoulder adjustment.


If desired to have the rail for the back arm system to be “permanent” then just attach a rail to any of the camera top plates out there (ours soon to be announced, which has integrated EVF and monitor mounts – very clever indeed). This will give you the possibility to still have the back arm solution attach in no time, sliding up and down, but instead have a second back rod system attach to your quick plate (more pics to come) for a double rod system solution – front to back.


We also have a back arm battery plate in the making – so while using the camera on sticks you can have the battery plate fully adjustable behind the camera, height and swivel. This is a slimmer solution then the back rod system, for studio, tripod shooting. Then when needed just connect everything in a second to be up and running with any handheld configuration, in every possible way.

As I said more pics are to come that shows this systems complete versatile and highly modular configurations. They will also show in a better way the possibilities for total adjustments when it comes to balancing the camera in every such way. BUT for now here’s a sneak peak of the TITAN SYSTEM.

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