With their new v3.0 firmware, The crew at SmartSystem pushed DigiDRIVE Portable to an higher level of control over the equipment connected with it.

In this Quick&Dirty test, we verify the resolution and precision capabilities of SmartSystem Motion Control.

Equipment used:

– Stock SmartSystem SmartSLIDER Reflex S
– Stock DigiMOTOR Reflex (motor used for internal tests and built in 2014 – no new motor, real case study)
– Stock DigiDRIVE Portable (used for firmware testing and manufactured in 2013) equipped with the new v3.0 firmware
– Mitutoyo 2046SB Dial Indicator (0.01 graduation / 1mm per turn)

Reached Repeatability : 0.005mm (0.000196″)

Click for more information: www.smartsystem.it

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