A New Camera With a 5 Letter Girls Name That Begins & Ends With A From ARRI Coming to IBC 2013:

ARRI will drop a new smaller camera than the popular Alexa at IBC that will have CF card recording internal capabilities and have off camera recording ready to roll from companies already working with ARRI such as Codex.

Well if the journo’s that I work with can do it then why can’t I. You know base a whole story around Twitter posts and pass it off as fact.

New Camera For ARRO at IBC 2013

ARRI Product Designer and Project Manager Michael J on Twitter let a few hints drop as to how excited he is about ARRI going to IBC 2013:
Arri IBC

It does not appear Michael is taking about the SCENE – RGB+Z Camera Prototype that ARRI is also presenting, but a whole new camera altogether.

SCENE – RGB+Z Camera Prototype

Anyway so what 5 letter girls name do you think ARRI will call their new baby?

Here is the ARRI IBC rundown for your to go through while you mull 5 letter girls names over beginning and ending in “A”.

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