Remember that 2R Rugged Rig DSLR cage you could get on eBay for £129 / $200 we told you about back in October. No? Well it got a lot of hits and now you will be able to buy it from Rugged Rig’s clicks and mortar store:
Check out the Rugged Rig Matte Box it has the follow focus spur gear wheel lodged inside the matte box connected to a small high torque gearbox on the back.

Control system – There are two different control system modules available. A conventional push to make switches mounted on top by left and right hand grip wired to the box.
An alternative to conventional wired controller is the Rugged remote controlled module providing a flawless focusing without presence of any wiring from hand grips to matte box.

Suss out the 35mm adapter Rugged Rig are producing as well as the EF Focus, Widemouth Rig, and X-Series rigs.
Looks like they are still setting up, but one to keep an eye on especially for that 2 in 1 matte box follow focus unit. Also KiriLL please credit Cinescopophilia and stop lifting our posts.

For more see Rugged Rig.

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