A comprehensive write up and video on using the Ronin-M gimbal battery from Awake Productions Movies to power the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini camera and the DJI Ronin-M stabiliser.

Hi I’m Tom Nuyens and in this video I want to share with you how I combined the Blackmagic Ursa Mini with the Ronin-M, both on the battery of the Ronin M for our film productions. On the internet I saw solutions of how to combine the Blackmagic Ursa Mini with the heavier Ronin, but not with the Ronin M. But I want you to have the same benefits of using this lighter weight gimbel.

To keep the camera from tilting down and to keep it’s weight as low as possible I use the canon 24 & 50mm STM leight weight lenses, which produce a very good picture quality.
You can even add a ND filter (Hama ND2-400) to increase your shallow depth of field.

We first need to connect the URSA mini with the battery of the Ronin-M.
We do that by connecting the XLR power connection on the Ronin-M with the p-tap connection underneath the camera mount of the Ronin-M.

We need a D-tap male to 4-pin XLR female Right angel plug adapter cable to make this connection. See in the description below for all the details.

So plug in the D-tap connection of the cable into the P-tap connection underneath the camera mount of the Ronin-M.

Than connect the 4-pin XLR female connection of the cable with 4-pin XLR male connection on the Ursa Mini.

In order to be able to balance the Ursa-mini on the Ronin M we need to extend the tilt bars of the Ronin-m first.

Use the DJI ronin-M tilt bar extension rods of 30mm.

Simply screw the extension rods onto the tilt bar.

Than lower and fix the camera mount until the camera can hang 90° counter clockwise.

To prevent the Ronin-m from balancing while connecting with the Ursa-mini kill the motor of the Ronin-m first.

Now that the battery of the Ronin-m is switched on, switch on the camera before mounting on the Ronin-m.
When mounted on the ronin m, switch off the ‘motor kill’, so that the Ronin-m balances itself.

You can now set the tilt endpoints of the ronin-m to prevent the camera from touching the ronin-m to 45 degrees up and 15 degrees down.

https://www.awake-productions.com for more information.

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