Russian Mob Rottor have what they call the Octopus, a modular magnetic car mounted grip with a Sprut gimbal attachment.

Rottor Sprut modular magnetic car grip

Here is the English translation from their website on the Rottor Avtogrip Octopus:

Thanks to an ingenious modular design, you can build any structure, which requires you to install the gyro-stabilized head on your car. You can fix our avtogrip on any part of the car – roof, fender, hood, trunk! They do not necessarily have to be equal – with the help of a hinge system you can install avtogrip on any curved surface.

Filming a moving car is an increased risk for your equipment. We paid special attention to the safety of filming. In avtogripe “Rottor octopus” uses powerful neodymium magnets with a holding force of 500 kg! You can be sure that even at a speed of 100km / h and it will keep perfectly still.

auto protection
To protect your car from chips and scratches using avtogripa we have provided special silicone shoes that dress up the site with magnets

The simplicity and speed of installation
Most avtogripov require complex and long installation, as well as the whole team of technicians. Our avtogrip “Rottor octopus” is set perfectly on any car within 10 seconds by one person. It also provides a special platform bystrosemnaya adapter for owners steadicam DJI RONIN

For better quality video, we recommend you to use our avtogrip rope damper

Shoe with magnets – 8 pcs.
Silicone Protective shoe – 8 pcs.
Lever short ARRI ROSETTE – 4 pcs.
Lever long ARRI ROSETTE – 4 pcs.
Module mounting shoe ARRI ROSETTE – 8 pcs.
The central mounting plate – 1 pc.
Damper Rope – 1 unit.
Mounting L-shaped ARRI ROSETTE – 4 pcs.
Screw adjustment – 24pcs.

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