A quick look at some of the features of the Filmpower Nebula 4100 camera gimbal.

Nebula 4100 built-in 32 BIT dual IMUs sensor ARM controller, is designed with smart cages for quick switching and the innovative infrared function to control camera recording. Besides, with convenient joystick remote and tool-less adjustment system, Nebula 4100 completely address the shortcoming of stabilizer that cannot manipulate camera. As a truly integrated, portable and smart product which provides users the best experience, Nebula 4100 is the pinnacle of single-handheld stabilizer. No doubt we call it the lightest, the smoothest, the most convenient, the most practical and also the most cost-effective.

As a professional standard stabilizer, a precision high speed processors is necessary. Thus as the pinnacle of single-handheld stabilizer, Nebula 4100 is built in 32 BIT dual IMUs sensor ARM controller. Dual sensor motion provides compensation and error correction as 30000 times per second motor responses, makes it stable as a mountain.
The strong motor is compatible with all the mirrorless cameras and some of the DSLR weighing up to 2.65 lb (DSLR depends on camera lens, volume and weight).

The Conveniently placed keys and controls keep important functions such as camera recording remote, power on/off, mode switching, and also the direction of Pitch/Yaw axis by your thumb for instant access.
Three modes quick switching as your desire, to meet all your needs. (Press once:follow mode; press twice: semi-lock mode; press 3 times: lock mode)

The original infrared function is added, to control camera of Sony and Canon to start/stop recording.

By using the quick-release clamp, Nebula 4100 has got a tool-less design to balance your camera that boot on within a few seconds, greatly improved the installation efficiency.

Specifically designed for filming, camera with smart cage can be attached with tripod plate, convenient for users directly set up onto the gimbal or tripod. Enjoy filmmaking for just a step ahead.
Same as Nebula 4200, through proper design and integrated die casting with high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy, it is easy to optimize the strength and rigidity of machine parts which makes Nebula 4100 much lighter and tougher than stabilizers produced by traditional CNC technology.

The reasonable structure design as integrated by moulding without screw rivets for a better stability. Designed ergonomically for comfort and durability, Nebula 4100 only weight 990g and is easy to carry.

Both left and right side cage are brought to support flipping camera LCD.

Smart battery with a long battery life (up to 2 hours and can be replaced with Roxor bettery), once for sufficient shooting.
Compatible with all the accessories (such as EXT MIC, monitor spring arm and etc.) built-in standard 1/4 bolt hole. And Nebula 4100 can be controlled by using Nebula Remote, I can only imagine more possibilities are brought for users.

Integrative storage case made from leather independently equips and provides secure protection. No need to assemble, open the case and ready to use.

Nebula 4100 as the top representative of single-handheld stabilizer, we pursuit excellent workmanship and concern about cost-effective as well. The price of Nebula 4100 is set as 599$.

Web: www.filmpower.us

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