Bill Totolo had a play with the Celere full frame HS prime lens from German company Hanse Inno Tech.

Kogi bbq Celere HS 36mm

Bill took a look at the Celere HS 36 with reference shots from Zeiss and Canon lenses.

The Hanse Inno Tech 36mm lens is the first of a range of Celere prime lenses specially designed and built for digital cinematography. It has a speed of T1.5 and is for PL mount. We also get to see the 25mm T1.5 Celere HS lens in action too. There is also an 85mm T1.5 Celere HS lens floating around as well.

Again from Bill: Run N Gun style shoot using the Hanse Inno Tech Celere HS 36mm T/ 1.5 lens, featuring Roy Choi and the outstanding Kogi BBQ food truck.

See Hanse Inno Tech for more.

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