WRDmedia shows off their a7s Run and Gun UHD SmallRig.

a7s Run and Gun UHD Smallrig from WRDmedia on Vimeo.

This is my current a7s rig assembled with many SmallRig accessories. This company produces solid, clean, industry standard parts for custom rigs.

The entire rig weighs about 10 lbs including the camera, atomos ninja assassin, and zoom h1.

I shot with this system for a week comfortably to test the ergonomics. Here are some thoughts/notes…

Cheese Handle: I chose the non-nato rail version because it sits flush on top of the cage and I don't need to adjust it once it is on the camera. If you want to use this handle as a side handle get the nato rail version so that you can also mount it on the side of the cage.

Lens Support: This lens support is solid and convenient. You can easily adjust the height with the knob on the back and reposition the mount on the rails depending on the length of your lens. The rubber padding on the bottom also keeps the lens from getting scratched.

Rosette Handle kit: This kit is super convenient and rugged. The rosettes are are precise giving you clicks for adjustments and really lock down tight. The rod mount allows you to quickly remove the handles when they aren't needed. The way I have it setup allows me to hold the camera with my elbows almost touching my body for better support.

Shoulder Pad kit: I chose the kit because it offsets and lowers the shoulder pad. This allows me to use my cameras evf or monitor while shooting. The shoulder pad can be moved towards or away from the camera depending on if I want to use the evf or monitor.
I rigged the 4K recorder on the back because it is the heaviest part of the rig. The main purpose of the assassin will be for the AC to pull focus or for the director to view. If you have a smaller/lighter monitor they have a great evf mount that can be mounted to the side of the cage.

The cage has a multiplicity of other options that I didn't cover including hdmi/cable clamps, 15mm rod attachments, and hot shoe options… Feel free to comment if you have any questions!

This rig cost around $800 USD (not including the camera/recorder), if you compare this to other companies it is a STEAL!

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