Kinefinity are talking about what they call the KineRAW Mini s35 4K CMOS camera which might be coming as early as August. The KineRAW Mini is a stripped down version of the s35 camera Kinefinity released last year. At the time of print no firm sticker price has been issued but the makers have expressed their target is to match the ballpark price of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

KineRAW Mini Cameras

The other news coming from the Kinfinity camp is talk of a KineRAW Monochrome camera of the s35 variety, coming out too. It is suggested the s8 and s16 cameras are on hold and the current s35 camera along with the KineRAW Mini and KineRAW Monochrome cameras have manufacturing priority. The KineRaw Mini camera also know as KRS35 Mini is likely to come with two mounts; the standard KineMount and with an EOS only mount. Recording formats for the KineRAW Mini will be in two main 12 bit flavours: CinemaDNG recoding to one SSD card slot and Cineform RAW at some stage to an external recorder. Recording resolution will be in 2K, 1080P, and 720P. External monitoring will be via 2 X HDMI outputs at 720P. The KineRaw Mini is expected to have a dynamic range somewhere near >11.5 stops, and a base ISO range at 800.

KineRAW Mini Specs

As you can see from the renders, Kinefinity are still playing around with the colours of the KineRAW Mini s35 camera. The size and form factor of the KineRAW Mini camera is comparable to the RED Scarlet according to one of the Kinefinity designers.

KineRAW S35 Mini Cameras

KineRAW Mini35 Camera

For more details on the KineRAW Mini and Monochrome cameras from Kinefinity keep an eye on their website HERE.

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