Jump The Shark is used when describing the episode that leads to the downfall of a previously successful television show. Cameras, camera gear, lighting, editing, workflow have revolution and gamechanger for the beginning and the continuation of their popular waves, but no phrase for the downturn of it.

We believe “Break in Timecode” suits the moment a camera model or a particular piece of camera gear etc suffers sudden unpopularity, and an abandoning of it for something more popular.
Case in point: think back to how popular the NLE system Final Cut Pro was before a sudden and almost overnight walkout because of the Final Cut Pro X announcement, and it seemed like everybody went to Adobe Premier Pro.

Cinekam K3

With the upsurge in hype and the degree of interest with brushless gimbal camera rigs, we believe if someone comes up with a rig made totally out of PVC then that will be Break in Timecode for those camera rigs.

Till that happens relax, sit back, grab a drink and take in eight brushless gimbal camera rigs we stumbled across. Some of the rigs are prototypes and some are first test videos.

It’s a mixed bag of allsorts.

Oh and on some of the videos we found ourselves humming that old Womack and Womack song Teardrops…

But only just one line from the chorus “Footsteps on the dance floor remind me baby of you.”

Anyways enjoy:

Cinekam K3 TRAILER Versione Ita. – Handheld Stabilized Camera Gimbal –

Canon 5d / 7d Steadicam – first test from MadeInMars

Brushless Gimbal V3 from photokopter.com

2/3 axis brushless gimbal into the hand or your multicopter from CDNTech

Brushless SteadyCam Gimbal 360… First Outdoor Test from flydrones

Brushless Gimbal First Test from Shahf2d

Brushless Gimbal for Red Epic – 5kg test from Andreas Kielb and portahead.de

3 Axis Brushless Gimbal For DSLR by HS6MTU

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