Vashi Nedomansky / @vashikoo a Film Editor of 9 feature films including Sharknado 2 has a great “how they did it” write up on his website about some of the camera movements used on the movie DEADPOOL.

JARLE'S DEADPOOL HANDHELD CAMERA from Vashi Nedomansky on Vimeo.


Jarle Leirpoll created 7 custom handheld camera presets for DEADPOOL that could be applied directly onto clips and played back in real-time. Jarle shot footage with real cameras and mapped both the position and rotation of the handheld footage into his presets. It's organic and real. It's information captured by a human being and not the result of random computer generated data like the wiggle expression that After Effects would create. The difference between human and computer generated data may not look different viewing the keyframes…but their is an inherent honesty and palpable naturalness to ACTUAL human handheld movement compared to computer generated randomness.

Jarle Deadpool Premiere

Please see Vashi Visuals for the full write up and get the link to download JARLE’S PREMIERE PRO PRESETS VERSION 3 that includes 98 free presets that cover both video and audio.

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