Go big or go home was that saying back in the 90’s… Fast forward to the present and that saying could hold up to the ever expanding and ever bristling brushless gimbal handheld camera market.

Rottor Arrny Brushless Gimbal

Here are seven brushless gimbal handheld camera rigs that have or are allegedly joining the steady camera market.

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Testing RED EPIC+lens , total weight is 3.8kg , we alread tested with 4.5kg payload without problem. Footage coming soon.
RED EPIC is upside down because we accidentally installed the wrong way for the tilt axis ( after a while balancing the camera, we just realize that), next time we will change its position again .

RED EpicX Chovi Demo #1

Here is a quick look at our first test footage from our 3-axis Chovi (handheld) Filmed on RED EpicX at 4k 8:1 23.98fps.
Shot from the backseat of a golf cart. This is RAW footage. NO POST STABILIZATION.
This was single operator setup in ‘Majestic Mode”. Next we will test out pan/tilt control with a 2nd operator before adding a Red Rock Micro remote follow focus.
Lots more testing and footage to come.

BG Flex1 Handheld Gimbal

The BG Flex1 Handheld gimbal is primarily designed for DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D MKiii or similar and can take RED cameras.

Colibri Brushless Gimbal with Red Epic

Ready for Order now by photokopter.com:
Colibri Brushles Gimbal
Ready for Red Epic
3axis stabilized system with 2 AlexMos Boards
Powered with 4S Lipos
Special thanks to campilots.com
The footage shown is from various current production and testing.

Brushless Gimbal for Red Epic – 5 kg test

Test of 5 kg including camera and brass weights on the new 3-axis Porta Head 5 with improved PID settings. I tuned the settings due to the 10x magnifier of the Canon DSLR until the remaining jitter was removed.

Please also note the rc controlled pan and tilts with smooth starts and stops even in the magnified image. A test with Epic and real footage will follow soon.

Are any of these brushless gimbal rigs actually out there doing anything? Getting a ROI I hear you ask?


Well here is a music clip from a MotionLock brushless gimbal camera rig. On a side note these guys have been making brushless gimbal handheld camera rigs since early 2012.

Music video “Gartenpavillion” from Austrian Singer “Marla Blumenblatt”. Shot exclusively on the MotionLock in Berlin.

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