From Melting Bloke Richard Gale

(colour) 65mm Motion Camera – FORBES70 – Schneider Kreuznach 40, 50, 80, 90, 180 and 350mm from Melting Bloke (Richard Gale) on Vimeo.

Image area: 16:9 : 65mm x 37mm
Lenses Shown:
40mm/3.5 Super Angulon
50mm/2.8 Super Angulon
80mm/2.8 Xenotar / 80mm/2.0 Xenotar
90mm/4 Makro Symmar
180mm/2.8 Tele-Xenar
350mm/4 Tele-Xenar
1.4x APO Longar
shooting iso800, 25p full hd, compressed raw.
internal relay optics running at 4k (optimal/typical use)
All lenses set to their widest aperture
6 stops of internal ND.
the optical relay path inside forbes70 can be adjusted for +2 stops of gain – at the expense of losing resolution. a +1 stop gain reduces internal optical resolution to around 1080p. +2 stops and resolution drops to around 720p.
Conversely the optical relay pathway can be 'closed down' by as much as -3 stops which improve resolution moderately, but with drastic edge to edge sharpness – typically helpful for wide establishing shots where light levels permit an approximate 100iso sensitivity.
Additional lenses:- not shown, but available.
80mm/2 Rittron (SC)
80mm/2 Noritar (MC)
Hasselblad 50/2.8, 80/2.8, 150/2.8, 110mm /2.0, 40mm/4 FLE

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