IC12 have announced the immediate availability of the LED Light Cube.

LED Light Cube

Coming to market following a successful crowd-funding campaign, the LED Light Cube is a compact, portable and interlocking 5,000 lumen light source without the recycle time of standard photography strobes, while also offering an adjustable continuous video light mode that eliminates the need for external battery packs. Packaged in a four-inch cube, the LED Light Cube is one of the most compact and fully-capable lighting tools on the market.

An ideal replacement for traditional cumbersome and slow studio lighting solutions, the LED Light Cube is portable and flexible enough to go to just about any location shoot. Its internal, high-capacity battery delivers more than 30,000 flashes (at 1/60 of a second) on a single charge. With its ability to deliver continuous high-speed flash output with zero recycle time, the LED Light Cube can keep pace with the most rapid-fire shoot demands. Able to freeze action with speeds of up to 1/8000 of a second, the LED Light Cube can also maintain flash duration for up to one full second. With a quick toggle to video mode, the LED Light Cube becomes a continuous light source able to ensure stable color temperatures even when making adjustments via the simple power output controls.

IC12 LED Light Cube.

“The LED Light Cube will deliver new levels of creative control to anyone shooting stills or video,” said Nathan Oxley, Managing Director for IC12. “The powerful internal battery delivers zero recycle time in strobe mode, and its compact package, which is only a four inch cube, makes the LED Light Cube portable enough to deliver professional-quality light to the most remote location shoots.”

For shooting situations that require more lighting power, the interlocking LED Light Cube is easily stackable into versatile light banks, and offers master control over additional units when configured in an array. For the utmost shooting flexibility, the LED Light Cube can be triggered via wireless remote, sync cable or as a light-sensitive slave.

“What LED Light Cube is doing is unique, and is a major improvement on what is currently available on the market,” said Mornee Sherry, CEO of Think-Eleven, the San Diego-based business development, sales and marketing firm bringing the product to market. “The flexibility of the LED Light Cube brings real value to photographers, offering them more liberty in the way they work that can help truly unlock their creative vision.”

Available in single, dual and quad packs, the LED Light Cube will also have its own line of light modifiers available for purchase which will include a mini snoot with honeycomb attachment, a barn-door and honeycomb set, as well as an attachable 40cm x 40cm foldable softbox. Also on offer are a series of add-on accessories including the LED Light Cube battery charger (sold separately from above mentioned packs), a hot shoe stand, In/Out connection cable to daisy-chain multiple units, an adaptor plate allowing accessories to be mounted to the LED Light Cube, a purpose-built carrying bag, as well as brackets for Elinchrom and Bowens lighting attachments.

For more information and detailed specifications, or to purchase an LED Light Cube, please visit: https://www.ledlightcube.com/.

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