Spaulding International Cinema are taking their V3 Ghost 3-axis gimbal camera system to a Kickstarter campaign, and the first five people to pledge will receive the V3 for $995.

The Ghost V3 is et to ship in May 2015.

The Ghost V3

The Ghost V3 Modes:

Mode 1: Follow Mode – The Camera slowly tracks your movements.
Mode 2: Lock Mode – The operator can move any direction and camera stays locked in one position.
Mode 3: Joystick Mode – Manually operate the pan and tilt with a joystick (sold separately).
Mode 4: Calibrate Gyro – The Ghost calibrates the gyro at start-up, but you can use this mode for calibration.
Mode 5: Calibrate ACC – This is a built in “fail-safe” to calibrate your sensor.
An inverted mode can be achieved by flipping the gimbal upside-down in follow mode or you can restart in an inverted mode.
Modes can also be customized in the software. Other example modes: inverted mode, turn motors off/on, set tilt angles by hand, faster follow mode…

The Ghost V3 Parts

Some Details:

Weight, adjustability, and precise camera movement have been the three key focuses going into the development of the Ghost V3. We want the operator to have freedom and mobility in capturing their creative shots. If a gimbal is heavy then you need to use a secondary support system to hold your gimbal and camera. These systems limit your movement, cost more, and it’s more gear to bring from set to set. With the Ghost V3 and a lightweight camera you can operate all day long without any limitations.

The Ghost V3 uses a patent pending mini rail system for adjusting each axis. The rails can be changed out for different sizes, so you can balance any size camera. There is a weight limit of five pounds due to the torque of the motors, but the goal is to keep everything lightweight. If you need to support a heavier camera then look into our Ghost Pro II, which can support up to 12lb

The Ghost V3 Close Up

Key Features:

We have taken the Ghost to the next level with built-in encoders (sensors) in the motors. The motors have been completely redesigned. We are no longer using regular brushless motors that most the gimbals on the market use. We have customized every aspect of the motor for optimal performance. The built in encoders have the following advantages:

Prevents motors from losing synchronization and skipping steps. The motors will always return to the intended position.
Provides information about frame and camera angle.
Significantly decreases power consumption by using field-oriented control strategy to drive motors. This allows you to use a smaller battery or increases your run time on the current battery.
Increases instant torque.
Provides possibility to get information about the camera balance.
Option to adjust camera position by hands.
Increases the precision of stabilization by applying field-orientated control.

For more: The Ghost.

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