intoPIX the leading provider of JPEG 2000 compression solutions, announced that Astrodesign has licensed and integrated intoPIX JPEG 2000 IP-cores into their new 4K Codec, called HC7504.

The intoPIX technology enables Astrodesign to support higher-definition video and increased recording by the combination of the 4K JPEG 2000 based codec system with the uncompressed 2K SSD recorder HR-7502A.

Long time recording with 2k SSD recorder for 4k shooting
Promotion event for your 4k products
Cinema and broadcasting

Multi format support(24p、30p、60p)
Unit supports both encoding 4k to 2k or decoding 2k to 4k
Input/output support HD-SDI, Dual Link HD-SDI and 3G-SDI
Ex1. Input 3840×2160/24p(HD-SDIx4) →Output 1920×1080/24p(HD-SDIx1)
Ex2. Input 4096×2160/30p(Dual link HD-SDIx8) →Output 2048×1080/30p(Dual link HD-SDIx2)
Ex3. Input 3840×2160/60p(3G-SDIx4) →Output 1920×1080/60p(3G-SDIx1)

Encoding method JPEG2000
I/F HD-SDIx8, 3G-SDIx4
Format 3840×2160/24p, 24psF, 30p, 30psF, 60p
4096×2160/24p, 24psF
Color space RGB4:4:4/12bit, YPbPr4:2:2
External reference HD tri level, BB
Audio Embedded audio(SMPTE299)
L-PCM 48KHz, max. 8ch
Dimensions 210(W)x132(D)x250(H) (3U half rack size)
Weights 4.7kg

“We’re extremely pleased to work with a partner such as Astrodesign, Inc,” said intoPIX Chief Strategic Officer, Jean-François Nivart. “The JPEG 2000 compression allows them to significantly increase their storage capacity and record 4K image with a visually lossless quality.”

See Astrodesign for more information.

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