RED have kindly thrown up some frame grabs taken from their new Dragon sensor. Shot at 86fps on a prototype Dragon 6K. So that’s means it was shot at 6000 x 3000 ( 2:1 )… the full sensor on that is a staggering 6144 x 3160. Now coming from Australia that Dragon in the pics actually looks like a Frill Necked Lizard, but then again some outside of OZ call them Frilled Dragons, but hey who the frack cares… A frame grab like that might just leave whinging at the door and now with Jim saying “4K in the home is now,” we all might have pet lizards on our screens soon.

From Jim Jannard:

1. 6K (new Dragon sensor) is 2.2x 4K in number of pixels.

2. 6K has 45% more pixels than 5K.

3. 6K has over 10x the number of pixels than 1080P.

4. 6k (6144 x 3160) has more resolution than a Canon 5D MK III.

5. Pixels are good. Down-rezzing is good. Dynamic range is good.

6. The cleaner the sensor the more you can compress in REDCODE RAW. Dragon has less than half the noise of Mysterium-X.

7. Obsolescence Obsolete is good.

Just a few facts to chew on.

I have tremendous guilt because we are late. That is the main reason for going silent. Having said that… we are finally about to unleashed a bevy of stuff to blow away everyone’s expectations.

Everything gets better, including color science. OLPF gets better. Color gets better. Resolution is up. Dynamic range is off the chart. Obsolescence obsolete. RED. And we still have no idea what we are doing…. just wait until we figure it out.


And from Jarred Land:

Dragon shot on Prototype Dragon 6K 2:1 @ 86FPS 1/48 Shutter.

RED Dragon

For the full compressed unsharpened .jpg go HERE.

Again thanks to Jarred Land:

For reference, the dotted line below is a 1920x1080p window…. Dragon = 10x the resolution of 1080p.

Dragon RED

So there you have it some 6K frame grabs of a Chlamydosaurus kingii and some choice words from Jim.
Pics of course belong to RED and if you need to know more then join the conversation over at REDuser.

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