You thought 2013 was the year of 4k… Nah the flood gates are open on 2014 to smash that title…

Everything is 4K now even those kiosk touch-screens it seems:

Ideum have updated their Platform 55, Pro 55, Pro Lab, and Platform 55 & 65 drafting multitouch tables to 4K resolution.

4K Pano 100 Inch multitouch table

Our Presenter touch walls both in 55 and 65 formats have also been updated to include the option of 4K UHD displays.

We’ve even redesigned the massive Pano 100″ multitouch table, which now boasts dual 4K displays, providing an 8K (7540 x 2160) resolution!

While UHD TVs might lack 4K content, computer-based interactive applications just need to be authored to take advantage for this new resolution.

Please see Ideum for more on their 4k drafting multitouch tables.

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