Need people cloned for multiple characters in your movie, want 3D modelling for your console game, or new clothing line? Maybe you need a body part scanned for a medical procedure? Well you are in luck because Lee Perry-Smith from the UK based company Infinite-Realities can rig up to 56 DSLR cameras to take a single shot full body scan.
Using model / dancer Joceline Brooke-Hamilton, Lee rigged up 42 x 550D Canon cameras running Breeze Systems software (check out their 120 x DSLR camera rig) and then the scanned pictures are reconstructed using Agisoft Photoscan Pro. The 3D scans come from the combined image off the 42 DSLR cameras as a single shot at 0.01 capture time, and allow for a 360 degree finished image compromising of a 72 megapixels of colour texture information per Angle.
Did that do your head in? Just press play and see the results of those 42 x 550D Canon DSLR’s.

3D Full Body Scanning:

Please see Infinite-Realities for more information.

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