You are looking at around $1,595 to get your hands on a 3D Mic Pro microphone that claims and appears to record audio in surround sound. One tip for the 3D Mic Pro makers is if they want the mic to work and continue to function without fault on set then they need to address the 9v battery connections because they are straight out of a ghetto DIY garage.

The heart of 3D Mic Pro is a patent pending audio signal processing system, which captures the pshychoaccoustics of the recorded sound. In other words, 3D Mic Pro records the subtle sound differences as we hear in our left and right ears (a stereo Microphone does not record that information). When played back through two closely spaced side by side speakers or through headphones or ear-buds, the listener brain processes the information and creates the vivid 3D sound perception.

The 3D Mic Pro processes any audio signal by three different ways:

creating ILD (Interaural Level Difference) between L and R channels
creating ITD (Interaural Time Difference) between L and R channels
Simulating anatomical transfer function by selectively accentuating and attenuating various sound frequencies.

These psychoacoustic information get processed by listeners brain to provide ultra realistic immersive 3D soundscape.

3D Mic Pro Microphone slide show:

Product Details

Mitra Corp. designed 3D Mic Pro, an immersive sound imaging microphone which uses patent pending technology to capture breathtaking binaural like immersive sound in any sound recorder or video camera equipped with Mic/Line/XLR socket. The recorded immersive sound can be played back in any audio video system through a pair of closely placed speakers or by headphones or ear-buds. 3D Mic Pro brings the immersive 3D sound in handheld devices such as MP3 players, Smartphones, Tablets. For the very first time 3D Mic Pro makes professional quality 3D sound production practical and affordable for musicians, videographers, sound engineers, naturalists, Radio Jockeys and hobbyists. Anyone can now record professional quality immersive sound in YouTube videos, professional or home videos, indi film productions, garage band demo CDs, nature sound recordings or stereo radio broadcasts.

Possibilities are only limited by imagination. How 3D Mic Pro works? The heart of 3D Mic Pro is a patent pending audio signal processing system SHEM, which simulates human hearing by capturing the pshychoaccoustics and get is recorded in any audio recorder or a video camera. When the recorded sound is played back through two closely spaced side by side speakers or through headphones or ear-buds, the listener’s brain processes the psychoacoustic information in the recorded sound and creates the realistic 3D sound perception. Quality pledge of 3D Mic Pro: Each 3D Mic Pro is hand made in America from indigenous and imported components. The high impact ABS resin outer shell is designed in America and injection molded under strict quality control in China. Mitra Corp. stands by its workmanship by offering limited lifetime warranty for this instrument.

3D Mic Pro Microphone Demo:

Manufactured by: Mitra Corp
Made in USA with indigenous and best of its class imported components
Patent pending design
Professional quality Japanese microphone capsule
Ultra low noise circuit
2 gold plated XLR outputs
1 Line level phone output
Powered by two 9V battery
Long battery life of 12 hour
Dual battery fuel indicator
Rugged ABS resin cabinet
1/4″ Tripod mount hole

Go to Mitra for more on the 3D Mic Pro.

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