Yes a squirt over a grand will get you a 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rig suitable for handheld DSLR filmmaking. Even less dollars for a kit version; you just supply the controller board.

FamousHobby Brushless Gimbal Camera Rig

On the popular Chinese wholesale marketplace website Aliexpress at the time of print we can see 102 people have pre-ordered the FamousHobby DSLR 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal/handle camera gimbal/Mount with new 180T motor.

One of the good things about Aliexpress is you don’t have to buy in bulk like other online wholesale platforms, instead it’s very easy to purchase a one off item. So a Chinese 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rig will set you back just US$1,068.00 with free shipping.

Interestingly this 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal rig looks very similar to the MUVISTAR Brushless Gimbal camera rig. Rebadged? Rebranded? Well zoom on the pics and you can see the FamousHobby tags…

Anyway if you like the look of the FamousHobby 3-axis brushless gimbal rig then grab one over at Aliexpress.

We also spotted on Aliexpress other vendors selling similiar brushless gimbal rigs for as low as US$226.50 but these hand held rigs are minus the controller board. Still if you are a handy type then Aliexpress offers those boards up for around US$60.

So that’s something like US$290 delivered for a 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rig. Crazy right?!!

It’s no longer a flood gate of brushless gimbal camera rigs but a tsunami.

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