Televisual has released their annual Production Technology Survey revealing which camera, which editing, compositing, grading system, and which workflow is the most popular in 2014.

Let us look at their results for cameras for 2014, and which camera company would you most likely want to try out in 2015.

According to the results gathered from participants in this years Production Technology Survey, Canon is the most used camera brand, with 42% using their models in the past year and 30.5% hoping to within the next 12 months.

Sony takes second with 31% of the survey participants saying they have used their cameras over the past year, and 29% hoping to in the next 12 months.

2014 Most Popular Cameras

A big jump to third in the survey is ARRI, followed in fourth by RED, Panasonic, GoPro, Blackmagic, and in last Nikon.

Most popular camera appears to be the Canon C300 cited by 22% of all respondents as the model they used most frequently.

Which Camera To Use In 2015

16% say the Canon C300 camera model is the one they hope to use in the next 12 months.

The majority of respondents say that Canon cameras are excellent value for money, while image quality and build quality is very good.

Sony has a much broader range of professional cameras than Canon, so its votes are spread between numerous models – particularly its documentary PMW 200-500 range as well as the high-end F5/F55 models.

Many say they want to use the F5/55 in the next 12 months.

Sony rates strongly for its image and build quality and the quality of its recording media.

Which cameras are popular in 2014 and which camera you would like to use in 2015 is just scratching the surface of the survey results from Televisual.
Please go to Televisual to see the full write up and the full results of their Production Technology Survey

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