Sony want to be the number one sensor maker. They have said that, and they are doing something about that claim by pumping out 40 Million CMOS sensors a month. The new Sony IMX117CQT sensor has been announced and is capable of bringing 2K and 4K to the stock standard point and shoot camera and Soccer Mum camcorder. Add frame rates out the wazoo from that IMX117CQT sensor such as 240fps at 2K and 60fps at 4K ensures it’s going to be an interesting year in 2013 camera wise.

With approx. 12.40M-effective pixels, the IMX117CQT supports 4K and full HD output mode. Technical evolution for even greater picture quality and high speed has brought the optimum characteristics that high-quality compact digital still cameras, camcorders and sports cameras require. Full use of Sony’s back-illumination process and fine pixel processing technology has increased the electron count ratio of saturation signal level by approx. 35% over the current Sony product, the IMX078CQK (1.55μm unit pixel, Type 1/2.3, 12.40M-effective pixel). These technical advances produce cameras with better image quality.
The light collecting characteristics of the IMX117CQT has been optimized to maximize the light collecting efficiency of the back-illuminated structure. As a result, it has half the shading of Sony’s current product, the IMX078CQK, at the same angle of inclination, which widens incident light angle. Optical characteristics of this magnitude mean that the sensor can handle bright lenses (higher sensitivity with a lower f-number) and high power zoom lenses. Characteristics at this high level will improve compatibility with set lenses and help reduce set size.

Sony’s unique high-speed readout technology makes it possible to select high-definition still images, high-speed video imaging or whatever other drive mode that best suits the purpose. (See table 3.) For example, the Type 1/2.5, approx. 9.03M-pixel (approx. 17:9) sensor enables video recording of 4K 60 frame/s makes this image sensor capable of the next-generation 4K format. Also,
the image sensor comes not only with full HD at 60 frame/s (mode 1) but is capable of slow-motion shooting with HD at 240 frame/s (mode 4) and has plenty of other video functions.

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