Roald Christesen says he has shot some footage using the same Truesense KAI-04050 CCD image sensor that is allegedly in the up coming Digital Bolex camera. Now it is just 20 seconds of slides being presented in front of the lens and sensor with one light source, so be gentle.

This is a first view on the image coming from a Truesense KAI-04050 ccd image sensor, which is the same as announced to be in the Digital Bolex d16, and “developed” through “my workflow”. There was no daylight so i took some slides and moved them in front of the lens (LINOS MeVis-C, 12 mm, f1.8). Only lightsource was a small MicroPro LED with low battery.

Roald Christesen Truesense KAI-04050 CCD image sensor

The technical data are:
2320 x 996 pixel, 12 bit raw bayer-mosaicked output from the sensor – captured with custom software, saved as Cinema DNG file sequence
Transcoded and color graded in custom software, saved as ProRes 422 files
Jointed and downscaled to 1280 x 720 pixel in Premiere CS4, saved as ProRes 422
Complete workflow on a MacBook, 13″, i7, 4 GB
The ProRes file comes from Premiere, so it do not show the quality of the original transcoded files in full resolution.

Camera + software can capture many resolutions (2K, 1080p, 720p …) and frame rates up to 60 FPS – both are customable and can be automated.

More to come next week …. longer sequences, outdoor scenes, workflow descriptions.

Keep an eye out for more from Roald Christesen.

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