On REDUser Milano Questa has announced to the World that shortly he and others will be releasing a mind blowing 2 Perabytes, that’s a staggering 2000 Terabytes in other terms, of free mostly shot on RED stock footage for you to download.

NB: I accidentally typed in an extra 0. it’s not 20 but 2 Petabytes.

RED Digital Cinema Professional

Me and a group of friends have decided to release our entire library of stock footage for free.

No strings attached. Everything will be released under the CC0 Public Domain license.

The website will go live in August and will contain roughly:

1100TB of R3D’s (4k/5k/6k)
600TB of DSLR (ProRes442HQ) timelapses
300TB of Phantom camera slow motion footage (2k & 4k ProRes422HQ)

Milano Questa

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