Boyd Hobbs a Narrative Cinematographer along with DP Connor O’Brien have started a camera accessory company with the first piece of gear being a Movi camera tripod plate.

1A Tools Movi

Their new company is called 1A Tools and they are taking pre-orders now on the new cost effective Movi Tripod Adapter. Shipping to follow shortly.

The new accessory is an adapter to put a Movi camera plate directly on a tripod. It’s a big time saver on sets which requires both tripod shots and Movi shots. it Lets you swap between them with no downtime in between.

1A Tools Website Video from Boyd Hobbs on Vimeo.

We’ve been putting it in the hands of a lot of Movi users we know and so far everyone loves it. Simple tool, but a big help, Boyd Hobbs

M5 Movi 1A Tools

1A Tools have tripod adapter plates to suit the M5, M10/15 Movi gimbals.

m5top 1A Tools

For more please see 1A Tools.

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