16×9 Inc. introduces the new Single-Axis and Dual-Axis Wireless Lens Control System are now available for general distribution. The Wireless Lens Control System from Movcam has cleared US FCC approval and exceeds originally demonstrated capabilities.


Movcam Wireless Lens Control System

Over the past few years, Movcam has released some of the most popular cage systems and accessories for the Sony A7S, A7II/A7RII/A7SII, Canon C300 MKII, ARRI Alexa Mini and Sony FS7. This year Movcam is entering the lens control business with their field-tested Wireless Lens Control System. Both the Single-Axis and Dual-Axis are easily adjustable and calibrate automatically. Configurable lens motor torque, 1.5” OLED screen visible (on SCU-1 Hand Control unit) in direct sunlight and ergonomic modular design are just a few features of Movcam’s Wireless Lens Control System.

The SCU-1 Hand Control Unit features a modular design and can be upgraded from a Single-Axis System to a Dual-Axis systems via the addition of the ZSU-1 Zoom Extension Module. Start/Stop functionality on the SCU-1 is compatible with popular cameras from the following manufacturers: Red, Canon, Sony, ARRI and Blackmagic (requires additional cable sold separately). The Wireless Lens Control Systems from Movcam are compatible with Canon and Fujinon broadcast ENG-lenses.

Available from 16×9 Inc., the Single-Axis and Dual-Axis Wireless Lens Control System are now available with an MSRP of $3,995.00 and $5,995.00 respectively. A Multi-Axis Wireless Lens Control System will be available late Spring 2016.

For more information about the Wireless Lens Control Systems by Movcam and other Movcam accessories, contact: 16×9 Inc., 28314 Constellation Rd., Valencia, CA 91355, Phone: (661) 295-3313, Fax: (661) 295-3314, info@16x9inc.com, www.16x9inc.com.

ABOUT Movcam
Known for their camera stabilization systems and camera cage systems, Movcam has expanded their portfolio of products to include follow focuses, matteboxes, power converters and wireless lens controls. Movcam focuses on affordability and intelligent design.

A distributor and producer of high-end accessories for film and video production, 16×9 Inc. offers a full selection of the latest products from renowned, innovative manufacturers such as Bebob Engineering, EasyRig, Flowcine, Lentequip, Movcam, Noga Orca Bags and Wise, in addition to its own line of top-quality 16×9 Inc. camera accessories. Backed by more than 35 combined years of industry experience, the goal of 16×9 Inc. is to expand its lenses, adapters and camera accessories to meet the changing needs and challenges of professional cinematographers.

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