OK let’s talk the 100 Sony Xperia Z smartphone Spiral Camera Rig. What do the handsets retail for? A quick look around says you can pick one of the 5″ display screen, 13 megapixel camera, Sony Xperia Z smartphones for around $550. Now that is 100 x $550 making it a $55,000 rig in phone handsets alone. The spiral rig, staging, facilities, editing, post production, etc is pushing the price right up there even more.

100 Sony Xperia Z Spiral Rig

Sure it’s nice and all, but bang for buck maybe for the money spent, and we are not telling Sony how to suck eggs here, had we got the brief we would have just used a couple of the cameras and hired in something like a rig from Mark Roberts Motion Control, or Bot & Dolly. Got the same result and more, plus add in some cool speed ramping.

Would have cost way less money too.

100 Xperia Z smartphones mounted on a one-off spiral rig, set up to capture every angle of an explosive fashion collaboration that pushes fashion and technology to new limits.

‘Xperia Z Versus Fashion’ captures every angle of three explosive transitions that model Sera underwent, while wearing four pieces of fashion designer Christopher Raeburn’s recent collection for London Fashion Week.

100 Xperia Z smartphone Spiral Camera Rig BTS

If anyone ever says to you they are not telling you how to suck eggs, I’m pretty sure they are.

Here is what a Bot & Dolly rig can do in a simple setup:

Want to know more about the Xperia Z smartphone then please hit up Sony.

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