Check out this robot built by John Nolan for the Poke HereEast spot.


We created a film to explain our vision and ambitions for Here East to technologists, creatives and makers everywhere. And what better way to do it than with your very own 8ft, hand-built robot!

HereEast – Vision Film from Poke on Vimeo.

Introducing Here East, one of London’s biggest developments: over a million square feet of hyper-connected commercial space.

The robots are taking over – and our robot was designed and hand built in East London by self-confessed maker and tinkerer John Nolan.

Believe it or not, everything is 100% real: no CGI, just pure talent and craft.

Filmed on location at Here East, it took us eight weeks to have a fully working (and articulate) robot.

Bonus BTS Video:

HereEast – Lights! Robot! Action! – Robot making of video from Poke on Vimeo.

Poke sat down with robot designer John Nolan, creator of Ethel (the HereEast robot) to talk about the project and his involvement in the HereEast vision film!

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