Over on REDuser DoP Tonaci has alerted everyone that there is a group buy in happening for a gStabi H10 Brushless Gimbal Camera Rig.

100 gStabi rigs are being made just for the REDuser offer.

The gStabi H10, 3 axis digital stabilized camera system comes from the Gremsy team who are based in Vietnam. The rig is ready to roll handling RED Epic cameras fitted with PL and VMounts.

gStabi Brushless gimbal

gStabi is a result of many ideas, experiments and prototypes, and has been kicking around since last year well before that other stedihype machine.

This gimbal is almost custom designed and built from scratch so we have ability to optimize the design and performance of the whole system.

gStabi With Stand

Key Features:

•Silent drive operation
•3 axis direct drive system
•Accuracy and smooth
•Compact, light and rigid construction.
•GPS attitude correction.
•Bluetooth connectivity.
•Cameras supported: DSLRs, Blackmagic, RED EPIC.
•Setup and Configure easily with Application supported Windows, Mac OSX and mobile platforms.

One gStabi H10 Package includes:

– gStabi System: 1
– Stand: 1
– Battery Charger: 1

Please see Gremsy for more information about their gStabi H10 brushless gimbal camera stabilizer.

Also see REDuser for their Group Buy In.

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