GUDSEN Technology the makers of the Moza series of 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rigs have put out a whopping 10 videos showing you how to connect and balance and the Moza Lite gimbal.

Designed for lightweight cameras (Sony a7S, Panasonic GH4, BMPCC, CANON 5D Mark III, etc.) the MOZA Lite has everything you need built right in. Free Standing & a Tool-less Setup. No tuning stand needed. The free-standing design offers cinematographers the ability to balance the gimbal in the inverted mode. No special tools required. The operator can easily set up the gimbal and quickly mount cameras in only three minutes.

MOZA Lite – Three Operation Modes

MOZA Lite – Balance Tilt Axis

MOZA Lite – Balance Vertical Tilt

MOZA Lite – Balance Roll Axis

MOZA Lite – Balance Pan Axis

MOZA Lite – Calibrate GYRO Sensor

MOZA Lite – Pair the Thumb Controller

MOZA Lite – How to Use the Thumb Controller

MOZA Lite – Calibrate ACC Sensor

MOZA Lite – Cables Introduction

Please see Gudsen Technologies for more.

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