Zacuto EVF Launched

Over at Peter Browne A selection of Photo’s popped up of a EVF which looked like it could belong to Zacuto. Boom it does!!
The Zacuto EVF which was rumoured to appear around February 2011 and now appears early after a prod from the Blue Corner.
Redrock Micro run out a cardboard Prototype EVF and now Zacuto hits back whith an EVF that can run it appears as a stand alone monitor or with a Z-Finder Loupe attached. Monitor is 3.2″. Canon LP-E6 batteries powers the unit, plus it has a DC power plug jack in. The Zacuto EVF also has two HDMI inputs/ outputs.
Two release dates for Zacuto EVF is February 2011 + March and estimated price to be $775. Will there be a cheaper cardboard version?

* Actual 16×9 screen
* 800×480 resolution
* .087 dot pitch
* Focus Assist
* Iris Assist
* HDMI loop through
* Operates off Canon LP-E6 Camera battery (1/2 day power)
* Includes a hot shoe mount or optional articulating arm kit.
* Can mount to other manufacturer’s rig (RedRock, Cinevate, Letus, etc.) via 1/4 20 screw, 15mm rod or articulating arm
* All Z-Finder models snap on and off the EVF and can be used interchangeably between the camera screen or EVF screen
* Includes mini HDMI cable

Zacuto Z-Finder EVF 3.2” monitor has higher resolution than DSLR LCD screens. These screens have a resolution of 640×480 on a 3:2 aspect ratio screen. Therefore, you only effectively see the resolution at 640×360 in 16×9. The Zacuto Z-Finder EVF monitor resolution is a true 800×480 making the resolution 56% greater than the on-board DSLR camera screens. The Zacuto monitor also has a tighter dot pitch which also improves the quality, making you see a much tighter pixel pattern


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03/10/2010 5:23 AM

redrock basically put out their mock up, what looked like a painted toilet paper roll with blue tape and their logo. To get the jump on Zacuto. I of course want to buy it. more hi-tech should be using recycled material.. anyway, It's interesting to see how we react, since, in the end, both these products will be sold out almost immediately and we'll be looking at getting access to them in over 6 months. So with all the hoopla, most "gear addicts" will be chomping at the bit, by March. hopefully something made from bamboo will be on the… Read more »

29/09/2010 10:54 AM

"Will there be a cheaper cardboard version". LOL, you a killing me Cinescopophilia Zacuto's Twitter feed reads: "[ EVF NEWS ] hey guys, we're still working on edits for our Z-Finder EVF Product Video. We will release Tues or Wed. Sorry for the delay" Ooops, I guess we weren't supposed to see that. The "interweb" is a cruel place. Redrock's EVF announcement yesterday must have sent the boys & gals at Zacuto into a frenzy. They shouldn't have teased the "gear addicts" with the premature announcement yesterday. I guess someone also forgot to keep that page offline until the final… Read more »